School Blueprint (Full Print)

School Blueprint (Full Print)

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 What's In The School Starter Program

  • Funding For Student Tuition
  • ​Business Plan (Already Done For You-Copy and Paste)
  • ​Exact Documents For Student Orientation
  • ​The Wholesale Vendor/Contact List
  • ​The Wholesale Vendor Direct Links
  • ​Exact Steps To Becoming Accredited
  •  Master Class Private Interviews
  • Funding Sources


    • NACCAS APPROVED: Student Enrollment Agreement 
    • School Catalog
    • Orientation Pre-Enrollment Forms
    • Satisfactory Academic Progress Report 
    • Student Sign In Sheet (Time Clock) 
    • Student Orientation Checklist
    • Registration Form 
    • Completion, Placement Licensure 
    • Current Student Survey
    • Graduate Exit Student Survey
    • ​Advisory Committee Survey
  • Funding Sources - To help you get funding and build your school business credit
  • NACCAS MANUAL (180 Pages) - Steps to get Accredited
  • Candidate Schools Steps to Becoming Accredited - Learn the exact steps
  • Facts About Fees (1) - Learn how much each step cost
  • ​Schedule of Fees - Know when to pay fees
  • Chin Sharing NACCAS Accreditation Info / Q & A (2 Hours and 22 Minutes)